About APHP

Andermatt PHP (APHP) develops and manufactures products for agriculture that are based on beneficial fungi and bacteria. These living organisms are scientifically formulated to be applied directly onto crops and soils to manage pest outbreaks or promote healthy root systems. Our products provide safe alternatives to chemicals, contributing to sustainable farming practices and healthy food.

With years of research and proven results in the field, we are confident in providing our customers with high quality, safe and effective plant protection products.

APHP Vision

Healthy Food, Healthy Environment, for All.

APHP Mission

Andermatt PHP wants to change the way food is grown by contributing to the safety, sustainability and resilience of food production within a healthy environment, so that we are able to secure a bright future for our children.


Comprehensive Scientific Research and Development

Sustainable and Environmentally-Conscious Operations

Commitment to Quality


Effective Teamwork

Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

The Andermatt PHP Story

South African-based Plant Health Products (PHP) was founded in 1998 by Prof. Mark Laing and Dr Mike Morris. Both well-respected and experienced scientists in the fields of agriculture and biocontrol, Mike and Mark believed strongly in the benefit of natural organisms in agriculture and wanted to bring these evidence-based solutions to the farmer. ​

Starting from humble beginnings in a home laboratory near Nottingham Road, South Africa, PHP developed unique, easy-to-use products based on beneficial fungi and bacteria. Dr Mike Morris developed innovative  production methods and unique formulations for these products, pioneering the biocontrol industry in South Africa. Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture took over the marketing of the PHP products to the South African market in 2011, and both companies joining forces with the Swiss based Andermatt Group shortly thereafter. In recognition of the common global goal of the Andermatt Group, PHP officially changed its name to Andermatt PHP in 2021.

Andermatt PHP is a member of the Andermatt Group AG

The Andermatt Group is a global leader for biological solutions.

Founded more than 30 years ago by Dr. Martin Andermatt and Dr. Isabel Andermatt in their student apartment, Swiss-based Andermatt Group has built up a network of supplier and distributor companies all over the world. With more than 20 subsidiaries and 100 distributors it is the Andermatt Group’s objective to continue to build up this network and to push forward with the replacement of chemically synthesized pesticides by effective biological products – for healthy food and healthy environment.

As one of the production companies of the Group, a major focus of Andermatt PHP has always been the science behind biocontrol and the development of new products, production methods and unique formulations.  This, along with rigorous quality control protocols, will ensure Andermatt PHP’s success into a more sustainable future.

  • 1998

    PHP was founded by Dr Mike Morris & Prof. Mark Laing

  • 2013

    PHP joined the Andermatt Group


  • 2021

    PHP changed its name to Andermatt PHP