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Andermatt PHP believes in a healthy environment and safe, sustainable food production for future generations.

We believe that Working with Nature can provide safe, effective agricultural solutions that are strongly supported by scientific evidence.

We embody Innovation and Integrity in every aspect of our operations and promote an environment of Passionate employees who support the collective Andermatt Group mission to positively influence the world in which we operate. We strive for Excellence in everything we do and only sell products we can be truly proud of.

Through intensive scientific research, Andermatt PHP develops and produces effective biological solutions for crop protection and pest management. Our products harness the powers of nature to provide farmers and households with safe and effective alternatives to chemicals.

Bio-Stimulants / Inoculants

Latest News

Introducing Dr Justin Hatting

Andermatt PHP (Pty) Ltd is delighted to announce that Dr Justin Hattingh has joined our Research team.

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Eco-T improves yield and protects against Pythium spp. in carrots

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