T-77 | Eco-77

Trichoderma atroviride

Aerial Bio-fungicide for protection of pruning wounds and diseases such as Botrytis and Eutypa.​

A concentrated wettable powder formulation of the beneficial fungus, T. atroviride which grows on wounded tissue, preventing harmful pathogens from entering the plant.​

Product Facts

Active Ingredient Trichoderma atroviride strain 77B
Target Pests Foliar and wound diseases such as Botrytis, Sclerotinia and Eutypa.
Formulation type Wettable powder concentrate
Concentration > 2 × 10⁹ spores/g
Standard dosage 250 – 750 g/ha as full cover spray, directed spray on pruning wounds, or via pruning shears with a dripper attachment
Crops Wide range of crops

Key Benefits

  • Eco-Cert Organic certified. Natural product approved for organic use.​
  • Safe, non-toxic, natural tool for management of foliar and wound diseases​
  • Cost effective, long term wound protection. ​
  • Aids recovery from mechanical or weather-related injury eg. hail damage.​
  • Fewer plant losses resulting from wood rot pathogens such as Eutypa.​
  • Vineyard’s productive life is extended as a result of disease prevention (e.g. Eutypa). ​
  • Ideal residue free, IPM and resistance management tool.

 *dependent on registration in different countries. Please contact your local distributor for more information.

Mode of Action

Colonizes senescing, damaged or pruned plant tissue and prevents pathogen entry​
Mycoparasitism of pathogenic fungi​
Competitive Displacement​
Induced systemic resistance