Metarhizium rileyi (=Nomuraea rileyi)

For effective biological control of common agricultural lepidopteran pests.​

A concentrated wettable powder formulation of the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium rileyi (previously known as Nomuraea rileyi) that infects and controls lepidopteran insect pests, especially those of the Noctuidae family. ​

Active Ingredient Metarhizium rileyi* strain PHP1705​
*Previously known as Nomuraea rileyi
Target Pests Lepidopteran insect pests, especially those of the Noctuidae family including Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) and the African bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) amongst others.
Formulation type Wettable powder concentrate
Concentration > 1 × 10⁹ spores/g
Standard dosage 300–600 g/ha as a full cover spray
Crops Wide range of crops

Key Benefits

  • Safe, non-toxic​.
  • No residues and no withholding period after application. May be used right up to harvest when pest control options are limited.​
  • Use as a stand-alone preventative pest control product or in an IPM program.

Mode of Action

Unique oil coated , UV protected spores effective against various stages of the pest life cycle. The formulation prevents the fungal spores from drying out and becoming deactivated under field conditions that are less than favourable. It also enhances penetration and infection of the caterpillar.

Metarhizium rileyi spores can either penetrate through the cuticle or enter the larvae through ingestion during feeding. Once inside the larvae, the fungus grows and multiplies, eventually killing the larvae by internal tissue destruction. Between 2-4 days after the initial infection the larva stops feeding and dies 5-7 days later. Once the larva has died the fungus sporulates, therefore having the ability to remain in the environment and re-infect the next generation of pests.

Unique formulation

• Wettable Powder​
• Oil-coated spores​
• UV Protection​
• Protects against desiccation​
• Enhances penetration of the insect or mite pest​
• 1×10⁹ Spores per gram​​
• Shelf life of 1 year when stored correctly.​